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Report of Planners for Climate Action Presence at the 10th 

World Urban Forum 10

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Two events were organised by P4CA during this 10th session of the World Urban Forum, articulated around the theme: Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation.


P4CA had the following key messages to deliver:

  • Urban planning and heritage regeneration are key to sustainable cities.

  • Urban and territorial planning plays a central role in preserving cultural heritage that can be leveraged for regenerating and revitalizing urban areas.

  •  Such approaches need to take climate change into account, given the increasing risks to which cities and their inhabitants are exposed to.

  • Urban heritage is a key driver for climate change adaptation and innovative metropolitan planning solutions to make cities less GHS emissive and less vulnerable facing higher natural risks.

  • Nature-based solutions, green and blue grids can help address urban challenges exacerbated by growing urban populations and the impacts of climate change.  

Through these events, P4CA had the following objectives:

  • Review current approaches to regenerating and revitalizing urban areas preserving cultural and natural heritage,

  • Examine the role of nature-based solutions and the most relevant innovative ones in cities with examples,

  • Discuss the role of planners and how they can engage citizens in community-based process to prioritize actions and nature-based solutions to improve their lives, 

  • Engage new partners in P4CA. 

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