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Join us at the

World Urban Forum 10

Abu Dhabi, UAE

08. -  13. February 2020

Addressing climate change planning in

urban culture and heritage


Our role as planners for climate action is to promote the climate change nexus in the overall theme of the Forum: Cities of Opportunities, Connecting Culture and Innovation.


The climate crisis is creating major threats to our urban cultural heritage. Undoubtedly, historical and natural heritage are at the heart of our communal identities and embod an irreplaceable value to countless communities around the globe. 


As the climate crisis heightens, there is an urgent need for planners to act. P4CA is determined to address this issue and bridge the gap between urban planning and heritage. During our sessions, we will explore the potential of urban heritage as leverage for regeneration and revitalization. By regarding heritage as a key driver for climate change adaptation, cities can decrease their GHG emissions and contribute to reducing vulnerability. Especially nature-based and decarbonizing solutions promise beneficial results.


Together we can make a positive impact!

  • Planning for climate action has become an urgent need in cities!

  • Historical heritage in cities is at threat of climate change.

  • Urban planning and heritage regeneration offer solutions.

  • Cities need to be inspired by other cities engaged in climate action


Our presence at WUF10


P4CA Side Event on the theme:

Nature-Based and Decarbonizing Solutions in Heritage contexts

Date & Venue:

9th February 2020, 12.30h - 13.30h, Hall 3: Room Nr. 17

Our objectives are as follows:

  • Review current approaches to regenerating and revitalizing urban areas preserving cultural and natural heritage

  • Examine the role of nature-based solutions and the most relevant innovative ones in cities with examples

  • Discuss the role of planners and how they can engage citizens in community-based process to prioritize actions and nature-based solutions to improve their lives

  • Engage new partners in P4CA


The moderated dialogue will aim to develop recommendations with the intention to circulate widely. An open debate will conclude the event and give an opportunity for exchange.

We are excited to see the outcomes!



  • Milena Ivkovic, ISOCARP (Moderator)

  • Barbara Norman, ANSAPS

  • Shi Nan, Urban Planning Society of China

  • Jeffrey Soule, American Planning Association

  • Eleanor Mohammed, President of the Canadian Institute of Planners


Training Event:

Planners for Climate Action in Urban Heritage Contexts 


Date & Venue:

10th February 2020, 09.00h - 12.00h, Room: Capital Suite 5


Through a series of examples and presentations on principles, the training event will explain the importance of nature-based and decarbonizing solutions in relation to urban heritage. It will explain their wide range of benefits of these solutions, from improving public health to reducing energy costs and pollution to regenerating urban spaces.

In particular, it will present the methodology of the ‘Climate Action Studio’ developed by P4CA, with the example of  Abu Dhabi Al Raha Creek.  Through Climate Action Studios, P4CA members jointly intervene in specific cities and communities by building capacity and providing technical advice to strengthen climate change planning. Climate Action Studios aim to support specific cities and communities to address critical climate change challenges through adaptation and mitigation planning actions.

P4CA training instructors are:

  • Bruce Stiftel, Professor Emeritus, School of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Tech, USA

  • Milena Ivković, Director of Urban Planning Advisory Teams, ISOCARP (International Society of Regional and City Planners) 

  • Paulo Silva, University of Aveiro (Portugal), AESOP

  • Olafiyin Taiwo, Urban Regeneration and Development Expert, Commonwealth Association of Planners

  • Eric Huybrecht, Senior Regional/Urban Planner, ICOMOS Climate and Heritage


The event is limited to only 30 participants on a “first come - first serve” basis.  

P4CA Members’ Meeting


Date & Venue:

10th February 2020, 18.30 - 20.30h, Room: Capital Suite 20

We will be holding our annual members’ meeting during the WUF10. The main agenda will focus on reviewing our work plan and activities for 2020. The upcoming year is very important to combat climate change and we are looking forward to your input. 


P4CA Social Dinner


Date & Venue:

8th February, 2020, 19.30h - 21.00h, Venue TBA

We warmly invite all our members to a social dinner to mark the start of the WUF10. We are greatly looking forward to meeting you again!

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Further events

A full overview of all climate related events at WUF10 can be found via the following link:

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Let’s share our key messages and insights

at the events during the WUF10! 

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