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Since the Planners for Climate Action official website launch on the 25th February 2019, the initiative has welcomed 100 new affiliates!


The new affiliates come from all over the globe with at least one representative from each region; 44% Asia Pacific, 14% Middle East and North Africa, 14% North America, 13% Sub-Saharan Africa, 13% Europe, and 3% Latin America and the Caribbean. Over half of the new affiliates identify as practitioners (60%), along with 27% academics and 13% students. Whilst most affiliates are working in the field of urban planning, there is an eclectic mix of experiences and backgrounds; from engineering to architecture to geography to real estate and more. This diversity is imperative to ensure that urban planners do not work in silo, and that all fields within the built environment work towards successful place-making for the environment and society.

Join today! and share a ‘think piece’, tell us about your initiatives, contribute to the global climate change and planning course repository, and more to come. As an individual affiliate, you will commit to contributing to the collaborative initiative through several entry points for three years. 

Follow this link to join, and make sure to follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook group to engage with and actively discuss the interface between urban planning and climate change.

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