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Do you have a breakthrough idea or an analysis to offer on climate action and urban and regional planning? 

This Think Pieces Corner of our website - and related P4CA social media channels - would be a good avenue to share your views as follows! ..


Content: present an opinion or an idea, evidence-based and short, focusing on topics promoted by P4CA. The aim is to highlight an issue, expand on the underlying theme, and suggest an outcome.


Format: 800 to 1300 words in English language, including title and references. Microsoft Word format.


Additional information: Short bio of the author in 50 words (maximum authorized – includes titles and organization name, email and web link)


Stand out pieces will be published below.

P4CA Think Piece Bank

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Biophillic design of cities, the need of an hour:- To tackle urban climate and environment at global level

by Nikhil Mittal

click here to read the full piece


Analysing Community Resilience to Flash Flood Hazards

by Noha Roshdy

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Urbanization and Sustainable Development

Proposal for a strategy for the development and sustainable development of the yaounde vii borough community 

by Jieutsa Nkuidje Leandry Junior

click here to read the full piece

On Fire

Our Home is Burning:

Extinguish the flames or add oil to it, is completely our choice! 

by Mahak Agrawal

click here to read the full piece


A New Human Settlement Theory

by Steven Liaros

click here to read the full piece

Tropical Storm

Living and Sustainable Egyptian Shorelines

A tool to mitigate natural hazards and sea-level rise

by Rasha Sayed

click here to read the full piece

P4CA launch materials.png

Fragmented Spatial Planning

Spatial planning processes in India and the need for an environmental basis

by Lolia Mary

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